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Hagerty Employee

2022 Hummer EV Edition 1 reservations filled in 10 minutes

GMC’s long-awaited reveal of the 2022 Hummer EV was met with a wide range of reactions. Skeptics questioned the need for a 1000-hp “supertruck” and scoffed at its six-digit price. Others seemed surprised to find themselves longing for a new truck from a brand that has been gone for more than a decade. Many were simply impressed by its suite of off-road tools.


After a short presentation video ushering in the Hummer EV, GMC allowed interested potential buyers to put down a $100 deposit to claim their spot in line. The reservations for the $112,595 Edition 1—the first version of the truck, which will go sale in late 2022—filled in just 10 minutes. We’re not sure how many Edition 1 Hummer EVs GMC plans on making, though, and we did ask. GMC says it can’t share reservation/production volumes for the truck, so there could be 1000 reservations or 10,000 ...


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