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Hagerty Employee

2022 GR86 skims under $29K, 700-hp Silverado in Trans Am garb, world's fastest Lego car

Intake: Toyota announced that the 2022 GR86 has a starting MSRP of $27,700. With an estimated destination cost of $1025-Toyota hasn't announced the actual figure yet- it should actually cost you around $28,725, almost dead-even with its twin, the 228-hp Subaru BRZ, which stickers for $28,625 with destination.

The lego deal may not be a true record. There was some people on Youtube that took the 1/8 Lego Veyron and ran 41 MPH that is well over the 300 MPH scale mark.

These are not all that small cars as they are nearly two feet long and weigh close to 15 pounds.

Might also visit the site on the web where a crash test lab crashes the lego Bugatti and the 911 1/8 scale. They do over lap and t bone crashes in slow mo. It is pretty amazing to watch.

I still wish there had been a turbo version but the GR86 / BRZ twins do seem to address most of the issues with the previous car.

I have never been a big fan of the Pagani design, but they are incredible vehicles. That being said, both of the Pagani offers strike me as a deal with the devil that I am thankful that I don't have to deal with lol
If you opt for ICE vehicle, it could be 5 years from now and the state of CA could limit how much/when you can drive it. If you buy the EV model, in 5 years the leaps they make in battery tech could make your EV Pagani look like Flintstone technology. Such a dilemma!

Our local dealer got 2 of the 86's last year and neither one was near the $29k mark as mentioned in this article. As hundreds of irritated lookers will attest, the price was near $40k. There was nothing special with these cars and not top equipped. As a matter of fact, I believe they were base models with a couple options. Even the sales folks gave up on them as being more expensive than many of their nicer cars on the lot. They would tell you that the cars were worth $25k tops. After a year they traded them to another dealer. There is really no good reason for pricing small cars out of existence! I think many folks would buy them, but how can you when you compare what you can get in a better car or un inspired (suv). I bought a mid level Chevy Colorado 4x4 for several thousand less than the 86's here. Thats nuts!!! I still want one and I can hope the situation will change here in the mid west but the odds are against it. Pricing will kill this car off eventually, and the brass will say that no one wants small cars. We have seen this cycle over and over again. Big Auto- (Get the pricing straight!)