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Hagerty Employee

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 revealed

After five months of pandemic-related delays and numerous teasers and videos, GMC finally showed the Hummer EV pickup to the world. Although the edges have been smoothed, the styling rings true to the Hummer brand that we last saw in showrooms in 2009 ...


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Advanced Driver

I am a proponent of electric vehicles as long as they show a net energy savings.  The American trend toward bastardization of this concept is disturbing to say the least.  I bet the numbers will show a 14 mpg equivalent and and the loss of enough resources to build 3 vehicles or more.  I wonder how much influence the fossil fuel industry had in this?

Intermediate Driver

I love GM products but the big disappointment has been not making an affordable EV for the masses. They start with an expensive Volt ($40k+), although a great car (a friend has one and loves it), but it didn't hit the key market area where the average person could get one (put aside the temporary plug-in tax credits) and enjoy the cost savings  like a Prius (which we own one). Yes, the Bolt came out later but a day late and dollar short IMHO! Make an EV for the masses and grow into it, not the other way around! The Hummer is nice but in a price range for  those that could still afford gas guzzlers! What's the point? So GM is going to build a new factory in the Carolina's for producing EV's? By then most of the competition will have their products well developed.  An uphill battle in this market. 

Community Manager

Problem is you can't make an affordable electric car profitable.  Not yet at least, maybe newer batteries will be cheaper to make, but not anytime soon. 

Intermediate Driver

Does one carry a generator in the rear when going to the woods?

Pit Crew

No we know what is next from the Aztec styling dept.