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Hagerty Employee

2021 Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic S

"How do you get to the stores?" Deep in the bowels of an L.A. mall's underground parking garage, the man walked nearly in front of the vehicle to ask directions. Recognizing his particular confusion, which me and my brother had shared only hours before, we pointed him to the elevators.

Your style displays nice touches like "cash to splash", but in the following phrase, " and my brother had shared only hours before...", if you remove "and my brother", does it seem grammatically correct to you?

This vehicle is a joke; go look at the pictures, it IS a ford exploder. I mean explorer. And not a NEW explorer, you know, the ones that have 100 more hp than this vehicle and the exact same "safety" features. Honestly, if you want to buy an explorer, save yourself $25k and actually buy one. And let's not forget how the other half of the JLR brand is faring; poor jag is so close to going belly up. Their sales numbers are so bad they literally stopped making any new jags - for 3 years. Go check for yourself if you don't believe me. So sad. So moving the prices up on the only portion of the brand that is actually profitable is.....completely expected.
New Driver

We rented a Disco last year in Orlando. I wouldn't want to ride across town in the back seat, hope they modifies it to fit human anatomy. My Disco I is more comfortable, as is our 2004FFRR. Did I mention our trip (we're in our mid-70's) 2800 miles Titusville to Belize in a 25 year old D1?
New Driver

Sorry, always proof read: "modified"