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Hagerty Employee

2021 Camaro SS and ZL1 ineligible for sale in California and Washington as of January 1

A 2010 California law signed by Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that aims to protect aquatic critters has put a damper on sales of the 2021 Camaro SS and ZL1. Each of those models are equipped with Brembo brakes that use copper in their composition. The 2010 law, known as the California Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Material Law (we'll go with BFML), prohibits any brake friction material with more than 5 percent copper by weight.


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Advanced Driver

What about replacement pads? Will GM sell original specification pads, or will West Coast buyers be forced into the black market for them?

Intermediate Driver

Reason 101 why I won't move to California.

Intermediate Driver

Why would GM not just install a different pad for those states?  Are the brakes too marginal with anything else?