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Hagerty Employee

2020 Festival of the Unexceptional is canceled, but "normal" classics are still worth celebrating

The 2020 Festival of the Unexceptional, which hosts the forgotten heroes of mundane motoring, has been canceled due to COVID-19, so we're celebrating online instead. If this were any other year, Hagerty U.K.'s Festival of the Unexceptional might need a bit of justification. How many car shows celebrate ... the normal? In 2020, however, we all have a little more appreciation for normality—and its rarity.


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Advanced Driver

Ah, the Alfa-Romeo Arna. It promised the combination of Japanese styling with Italian reliability, at a time when the Italians were still considered to design more attractive cars than the Japanese. Who didn't want their Pulsar to be as hard to keep running as their Alfetta? Neither country was known for its rust-proofing in 1983, making a survivor all the more exclusive.