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2004-2009 Cadillac XLRs might never be more affordable than they are right now

When the Cadillac XLR entered the market for 2004, it was the brand’s first two-seater (and first convertible) since the Allanté was retired in 1993. That final year of the Allanté used a 4.6-liter Cadillac Northstar V-8, just like the XLR, but the similarities end there. While the 295-hp Allanté was front-wheel-drive and based on a modified version of the E-body chassis used in the Buick Reatta and Cadillac Eldorado, the 320-hp XLR was based on the C6 Corvette’s rear-drive chassis. It was even built in the same Bowling Green, Kentucky, assembly plant as “America’s sports car.” All signs suggested Cadillac was serious about building a luxury sports car.


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I own a very nice '07 Red XLR and have enjoyed it for many years.  It runs well and has had only minor mechanical issues over the past 10 years of ownership.  There was one minor problem with the retractable hardtop that was easily resolved by the local Cadillac dealer and I needed to replace a radiator several years ago.  But other than normal maintenance item, no major problems.  The car runs smoothly, it is an eye-catcher, and I always get "what kind of car is that ?" comments when I drive it.  I own several other Corvette of various generations and you can see strong links to the later Corvette with the XLR.  But the amazing retractable top and sharps body lines is the game changer  for my XLR.  You just do NOT see many XLR's on the road and it has a good home in my collection.

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