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20 rock stars' cars: For those who love to drive-we salute you | Hagerty Media

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the main act of the night! These rock stars started off life in the band van, served their time on the tour bus and jumped out of limos at red carpet events. But after breaking into the big time, what did they spend their royalties on?
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In my day, 20-inch wheels only came on Kenworths and Peterbuilts.  I will allow that they have some place on 4WD rigs like Hummers, maybe, but on a street car, I've never seen anything that looked right about the trend toward ever-taller wheels.  As far as rubberbands, there are thousands of uses, but as tires, they are a total FAIL to me.

Advanced Driver

Michael J. Fox, upon seeing's
"Are you telling me that you built this piece of crap... out of a DeLorean!?"

But seriously, the best car here is what appears to be that 240Z pedal car with the cardboard box convertible mod, next to Keith Moon's Ferrari Dino.
Pit Crew

You mentioned 2 legendary drummers (Moon & Baker), but missed a 3rd that was also quite the gear head. The late Neil Peart of Rush, who not only wrote a hit song about a Ferrari (Red Barchetta), but has also owned many notable cars, including a 911 Speedster, a 1964 Aston-Martin DB5, a 2001 BMW Z8, and a 1963 Split-window Corvette.

The Joplin vehicle was painted in a day or two (or maybe just an afternoon?) for free by a roadie, using something like poster paint that he happened to have on hand. It was just a lark, probably not meant to last. When it was restored recently it cost several thousand dollars to try to duplicate the paint job, but it still lacks the heavy texture and dull surface that the original had.

Ted Nugent & his stable of bronks (like the cars not the musician).

- -Chad

Pit Crew

Nice to know I've got some wheels in common with Pete Townshend. Nah, not the Mercedes. The V-dub in the background.
Intermediate Driver

You forgot about The Beach Boys Dennis Wilson. Didn't he drive a 63 Split Window up to see Charlie Mansion all the time???
New Driver

No mention of James Hetfield??? He's in a band called Metallica, they have been the number 1 hard rock and heavy metal band for the past 40 years.
Anyway James personally found 10 rusted out shells of cars and personally rebuilt them all to mint condition. He then donated them to The Petersen Automotive Museum
in Los Angeles, there is a book about them called Reclaimed Rust. Among those cars.
1934 Packard
1948 Jaguar
1934 Ford Coupe
1961 Lincoln Contnental
1936 Ford
1953 Buick Skylark
1936 Auburn
1956 Ford F-100
1937 Lincoln Zephyr

Greatest Rock star and collector of them all.


It's obvious that this article needs to be edited to be: "2,697 rock stars' cars: For those who love to drive-we salute you".  No way to limit the list to 20...


you left out Hendrix…

What about Sammy Hagar 512 Boxer from the video I can't drive 55?