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Hagerty Employee

1990 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham LS: Capricious excess

Here we go again! I finish up a post on a classic ’60s Porsche, and then, an hour later, I spy this gorgeous example of early ’90s domestic luxury on one of my preferred Facebook groups, Finding Future Classic Cars ... Read the full article on



Was this the only color these cars had? In 1989(?), my elderly next door neighbor got one of these as his "victory lap" car. After raising eight children and driving a lifetime of cheap Chevy wagons, this was his reward for all those years of being a responsible adult. It was in my favorite color, navy blue with the same gorgeous blue interior. 


While it wasn't the Cadillac that he may have dreamed about, it was "his" Cadillac...

Community Manager

They came in brown, which is of course the Broughamiest color of all time.