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Hagerty Employee

1989-93 Dodge Cummins truck values are out-pulling their V-8 brethren | Hagerty Media

Full-size Ram pickups upset the Chevrolet Silverado in 2019 to become the second-most popular vehicle sold in the United States-just behind Ford's F-series, the perennial sales leader*. The Ram was back in third place for 2020, but the full-size pickup market wasn't always a three-horse race.

"What did both Ford and GM did have to separate themselves from Dodge?"

Back when Dodge decided to install the Cummins in their trucks, Ford was quite stunned. The blue oval people that decide what the public gets to buy didn't think that an oil burner would be a big mover and opted to not offer that famous inline six, a decision made more painful due to the fact that Ford owned a huge chunk of Cummins! I don't see the first or second generation Powerstroke ever achieving "legendary" status.

CaseIH, spun off Navistar, builder of the 6.9, 7.3 IDI, 7.3 PS, 6.0 and 6.4, at the time of merger. Case IH used B-series in their equipment, at least in the plant where I worked, instead of the 466 Navistar.

When GM was developing the GMT400 (88 redesign, IFS trucks) they were working with Deere and Co on an inline 6 turbo diesel. The Deere diesel was also exceptionally reliable, but even heavier than the Cummins B series. The plan was scraped because the Deere diesel was too heavy for the GM IFS.

The original Dodge spec B-series was horribly de-tuned for the early applications, but easily corrected with a timing bump, rack adjustment, and Gov spring replacement.
New Driver

The 1980 International Scout Tera had a short pickup bed and a turbocharged diesel engine. They also had Scout II and Traveler body styles with the turbocharged diesel engines. These predate the Dodge.