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Hagerty Employee

1988 Pontiac Fiero GT sells for record $90,000

We knew it was a showstopper. Now it’s a record holder. A red 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT, the last of 370,168 Fieros to roll off the assembly line and still wearing its interior plastic wrap, sold for $90,000 at last month’s GAA Classic Cars Auction in Greensboro, North Carolina. That’s a new high for the model, shattering the old mark of $60,500 for a 1984 Fiero at Russo and Steele’s 2013 Monterey Auction.


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Hagerty Employee

"Although early iterations of the 1984–88 Fiero received a lot of criticism, loyal enthusiasts lament the sports car’s passing, especially since the Fiero was finally meeting performance expectations when Pontiac pulled the plug."


Sadly, that seems pretty par for the course for GM sports cars that aren't a Corvette over the past 30+ years.


We bought a nice '88 with all the same options as this one 2 years ago and kept it a year. It was the one car my son and I both liked. I thought it was a pleasure to own and was surprised how much I like just looking at it in our garage. It's so well designed and unusual. 

Advanced Driver

Fiero was hardly the first American mid-engine production car.  At the dawn of auto making, placing the engine just ahead of the rear axle was standard practice.  The first ever Ford and Cadillac were both mid-engine.


The car sold here was purchased by a Fiero friend of mine. He already owns several historic and GM Fiero prototypes. He also is the top historian for the model. 

This price was the result of two active bidders. Nothing more. But the truth is the Fiero has finally being shown some love by collectors outside the zfieto hobby. 

The top cars are 88 models first any V6 car and then pace cars. Some modified cars with rare parts from the 80’s can prove to be of great value too if in good condition. The Mera, the DGP bodied cars and other rare parts add to value. Also low miles. 

The buyer here also held the record at $60k too. But that car was a Fiero that had a wide body DGP IMSA GTU body on it. It was used as a PPG Pace car in the Indy series. It also was one of the original 3 Indy Super Duty Pace cars for the Indy 500 and was used in the parade lap.  A car with quite a history. 

As it goes few cars from the 80’s are bringing big money outside a low mile original GN or Ford limited edition Cobra. Even great cars like the 3.8 Turbo Trans Am is just now showing signs of increased value. 

The Fiero is now starting to be of more value than it was new and few 80’s.  Cars can say that. The 4 cylinder and high mile cars will lag but others will draw collectors who want something special. It is turning out some Fiefos are getting more return than even many C4 models. 

As for mid engine yes in the technical sense there were others but not as a sports car nor were they mass produced in numbers even close to the Fiero. The Fiero sold in six figures in the first two years alone. 

New Driver

I'm about to put up my 4 owner 1988 Fiero GT 5spd, with just over 50,000 original miles, that was Turbo charged back in 88 by Miller Woods, if your friend finds this historically interesting enough. 


I think what hurt the Fiero in the final form was that GM didn't bother to give it a distinctive look. The red one in the picture could easily be a "C4Camarobird".

New Driver

recalls and when the clutch wore out it took 20 hours to change clutch discs @ 90 $ hour were not worth fixing

I always thought that the Fiero was a good looking car. I never understood why they pulled the plug on that one so soon. With the V6 and a 5speed, they were a blast to drive.
New Driver

recalls oil pan leaked on muflers and caught on fire
New Driver

the feiro was discontinued cause of recalls, the muffler actually runs under the oil pan and over time the gasket leaked and caught them on fire, i blame bad maintenance more than design flaw? i have 2 feiros 1 is a ferrari and a lambo countach replicas great gas milage rack and pinion steering very nice looking and sporty car, my dad had a manual and redid the clutch himself a 300$ part to change takes 20 hours cause the whole subframe droppes out while you cratle the motor and change clutch discs at 90$ hour shop rate you can see wwhy they arent worth fixing most of the time
New Driver

We bought our 88 GT when they first came out. It was released a week or more early than the set date for sale from Pontiac devision by an executive from the corporation. We had already bought an '86 and an '87 GT's. Corporate told us we purchased the first '88 released to the public. Our was red like the one above. The only change to it was I pulled the engine and had it blue printed, custom ceramic headers and higher compression. It blew the transmission the first time I "hammered" on it, had to have the transmission built to handle the horse power.