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Hagerty Employee

1986 Cadillac Seville Elegante: Downsized jewelry box

I've touched on the 1986-91 Cadillac Eldorado in the past, but I haven't written anything about its sibling, the Seville. Until now. Like the Eldorado, it was round two of GM's corporate downsizing (the Eldo had previously been trimmed down in 1979) and followed closely on the heels of the de Ville/Fleetwood's similar shrinkage as early 1985 models.

Very nice car! I like the clean overall styling and the interior, but darn; those American 80's-era dashboards still look pretty cheap, and this one's supposed to be walnut.

You mention an Eldorado Biarritz... why was it called that; it wasn't a convertible, was it?

Lastly, if "these new offerings seemed just a little too small for Cadillac Motor Division," I wonder what those folks might think of today's monstrous behemoths bearing the Cadillac brand.
I myself am revolted by them.

Keep these Classics articles coming!
Pit Crew

I just love the combination of a Pontiac Grand Am body with Cadillac interior and grill. And C4 Corvette side markers.
New Driver

Park one of these next to a 2022 Honda Civic. The Civic will look bigger to the eye although the '86 Seville is actually the larger car in every dimension. The problem wasn't that these cars were too small (they were similar size to contemporary BMW/Mercedes). The problem was they LOOKED small to buyers used to a car with visible size on the outside.
New Driver

These were the years that Cadillacs came in 3 sizes, and the smaller, the more expensive. Nuts!