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Hagerty Employee

1985 Cadillac Fleetwood: Downsizing, Take Two

The 1980s were hard on Cadillac Motor Division. In the 1960s Cadillac could do no wrong. But in the '80s it seemed they made misstep after misstep. Part of this was due to changing times and tastes and the ever-increasing encroachment of German and other European luxury cars.

This was part of the GM plan to make everything but the Corvette and Trucks FWD. This is what really killed Cadillac for many years and are yet trying to dig out. 

These were a mistake on many levels. They use corporate platforms and down sized to a point styling was destroyed. They quickly tried to add new longer body panel's but that still was not enough. 

I am a GM guy but this era they were trying to cost cost and they did not understand you can not discount your way with a Luxury brand. Ford and Chrysler also were guilty of this. 

I really see no market for these cars today. Some will be found with low miles at Grand Pa’s house and put back on the road but there was no great demand for them then or now. 

These were never really a Cadillac.