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Hagerty Employee

1985 BMW 318i: Yuppie Magnet

It's September 1984, and you just made partner at Smith, Johanson, and Olafson, C.P.A. in Minnetonka, Minnesota. You've been driving your tried-and-true 1972 318/TorqueFlite equipped Plymouth Valiant sedan for eight years now, and while it's been a reliable workhorse, those Minnesota winters have been hard on it.

I recall buddies buying these in the 80’s only to freak out at the cost of maintaining and repairing. The term money pit came to several before they moved on.

Today many of these cars are too expensive to repair for their worth. That applies to many cars today to be fair.

What gets me is German cars of this era often have cracked dashes. The one phot here shows that. I see the same in Porsche’s, VW, Audi and some Benz. They really hate the sun.