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Hagerty Employee

1981-87 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 prices are up, but the Italian swagger is as cool as ever | Hagerty Media

Want a rear-wheel drive Italian coupe with sharp lines, an overhead-cam V-6 that sounds like heaven, a five-speed transaxle with inboard brakes, and a leather interior? It sounds like the kind of car that should have five zeroes in the price tag-six, even.
New Driver

Really nice #2 gtv6 have sold from mid-20’s to high-30’s this past year on BaT. Really good #3 stock and modified mid-teen to mid-20. Maybe they will go back down but seem to have crossed some threshold, there are just many of these around and owners of good ones tend to hold them. Still an expensive car to fettle. Milano following but still a super deal, a good 2.5 is $7500. Most of the fun, and maybe more, at less than 50% of the price. The next Super?
New Driver

Just so many, not many. 5,000 sold in the US, how many left...3,000? 2000? More likely less and even fewer really nice ones.