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Hagerty Employee

1978 Chevrolet Bel Air: Full-size thrift from Up North | Hagerty Media

The Chevrolet Bel Air is a storied nameplate. It first appeared in 1950 as the top of the line "hardtop convertible" in the Chevrolet lineup, with genuine leather upholstery. Of course, most folks immediately think of the 1955-57 models, particularly the 1957. The model lasted all the way to 1975 in the United States.

GM even had planned obsolescence for their model names. The Bel Air went from top of the line to bottom of the line and then extinct in twenty years. It's about as bad as BMW mocking the people who bought their cars twenty years ago.
Advanced Driver

I was surprised to see a V8 under the hood. At least in the States, ‘77 full size Chevrolets found be had with a six: the Chevy in-line 250 cid six.
Lots smoother than the 3/4 small block V6s that followed.
Pit Crew

Yes, these were not exactly common, but not all that unusual either. The inline 6 was standard on this generation of BelAir and the Canadian Pontiac Laurentian equivalent. You sometimes saw them equipped that way for taxicab duty.
New Driver

I grew up in a Canadian GM dealership in the Appalachian hills of southern Quebec.I must have prepped 100s of them Chevys through the 70s, never a six,too many hills!
New Driver

Wow, not often you see a Klockau Classic from your own town! I thought I had seen this car prowling the mean streets of Lasalle, ON, and I was right! My dad was a Provincial Police constable, and the B-body late-70s Bel Air was his ride for many years. Beautiful example here.
New Driver

Does Hagerty insure any of these 1978 Bel Airs? Should it go on the Extinct list?
Hagerty Employee

We wouldn't be able to share any personal information, but I can tell you that they aren't extinct just yet 😉

New Driver

Of course, wasn't looking for that. So are they endangered or threatened? Just curious if there's any gauge on how many are out there at this point.