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Hagerty Employee

1977 Cadillac Seville: GM knocks it out of the park

Today we will be discussing one of my favorite Cadillacs, the svelte, elegant 1976-79 Seville. The right car at the right time-for GM and the Cadillac Motor Division-and a success by any standard. As the advertisements once said, "Best of all, it's a Cadillac."

This was the one Seville I really did like. Styling wise it was great but engineering wise it was done on the cheap. Mechanically it was a Nova stretched with an Olds 350 engine. Yes it has rear leaf springs like the Nova and every X body. Don’t let the K platform fool you.

It on the other hand it also shared much with the Camaro and Trans Am. I had always wanted the special edition black snd silver model. Then put under it the WS6 parts from a Trans Am. Then tuck a Pontiac engine under the hood. It has been done and it is not hard to do.

Cadillac was a victim of the Seville's success, because it told them that their customers would buy a Nova with an Oldsmobile engine if the price was high enough. The Cimarron was the inevitable result.
Intermediate Driver

Yikes! In under a couple of decades the Caddy went from chromed wretched excess to vanilla plastic. Sorry, these cars never did excite me, and the newer they got, the more the cost-reduced boxy styling became metaphorically similar to the era's muzak as a sleep aid.
Intermediate Driver

I don't get the love for it. Styling is ok at best. Reminds me of an Oldsmobile of the time to go along with its engine. There's a reason GM went bankrupt and this was part of it