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Hagerty Employee

1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Desert Sand Luxury Group: Sepia-Toned Sensation

Was 1976 peak Brougham? I think so. It was the last year for the truly large premium sedans. Such as the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and ever more over the top Fleetwood Talisman, the Coupe and Sedan de Ville, Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency, and Buick Electra and Park Avenue.
Advanced Driver

I'm confused about the pricing. You could buy this Mark IV in 1976 for $1,525?

That was the price for the trim package. The base price of the car was $11,060.
New Driver

In 1976, my dad had a 1976 Mark IV equipped with the Silver Luxury Group and a moonroof and that amazing silver leather interior. To this day still to me one of the most stunningly elegant cars ever.
New Driver

Tom, I'm really enjoying these articles. Even though we had Corvettes and a few Porsches when I was a kid, I spent countless hours in 70's iron like this. I'm beginning to finally appreciate this slice of automotive history. Keep up the good work.
New Driver

I have one of these. Surprised to see an article about one, (and Mark IV's in general) on Hagerty, as mine's insured with you. I bought it in 2018 for my 21st birthday. It's got over 100K miles on it, but still in really nice conditon. It has the power moonroof too, as well as some other expensive options, including AM/FM 8-track, power vent windows, cruise control, illuminated visor mirrors, forged aluminum wheels, etc. I ordered an Elite Marti Report for it, and it shows a total of only 714 Desert Sand Luxury groups were built. They weren't introduced until March '76, and mine was built late, in June '76. It is 1 of 12 built exactly like mine, with all the same options. Oh, the report also has a reproduction window sticker in it that shows the total cost was a little over 14 grand, just like the article mentioned. Really fun car to cruise in. Just floats down the road, like you're on a cloud.