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1975 Pontiac Bonneville: Holy Guacamole! | Hagerty Media

The mid-'70s were a great time to be alive if you loved giant, American, V-8-powered, rear-wheel-drive cars. GM alone had a wide variety of B- and C-body coupes, sedans, and wagons to tempt you, from plain-Jane pillared Bel Air sedans to majestic Fleetwood Talismans. Somewhere in between fell the Pontiac Bonneville.
Intermediate Driver

I had a 1975 Grand Ville convertible - white body, white top, white interior (red carpet). Had the top down 99% of the time. Drove it to NYC to visit my brother and parked at the curb on 55th St. He came out of his apartment and said I was taking up 3 parking spots and dubbed it the “Queen Mary”

As Kermit once sang, It's not easy being green. Definitely not beauty queens.

Stunning car, especially in the lot poison green. It's a real blast from the the past and I don't really even care much for greens. OTOH, the Honda "take it or leave it" approach to sales is what eventually led to our silver, gray, white or black color palettes and two sets of optional equipment that you can either take or leave.

While I'm not a huge fan of this generation of GM B- and C-bodies, there's something about these big Ponchos that I like. Years ago, my parent's Mercury Montego was damaged in an accident; we ended up with a (73? 74?) Catalina as the loaner car while the Mercury was being repaired. I remember most about the car was the absolutely huge interior. That generation of Ford midsizer was not all that space efficient on the inside, but the Catalina was like a freighter compared to the Montego. With the 400 motor it was a helluva lot quicker than the 302 in Mercury, too. I think my dad was sad to have to return the Catalina when our car was done.

I'd love to have a Grand Ville from this era, but I honestly don't know where I'd put it.