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1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau: Personal luxury power! | Hagerty Media

My friend in Spokane-Jason Bagge, a local artist who's known in certain circles as "The Brougham Whisperer"-has owned approximately 50 to 60 cars in the five years I've known him. Probably more. The vast majority of them have been '70s U.S. land yachts.
Advanced Driver

This brings back fond memories of my Driver’s Ed experience. I took the class in the summer of 1975 since I didn’t attend the local public high school. Somehow, amid a fleet of economy cars, there was one Monte Carlo. Since I already knew how to drive (Thanks Dad!), the teacher I had would always make sure he got the Monte Carlo, pick me up at my house, and we would go for an hour long drive. The good old days!

"there’s no substitute for originality" may be true, but it doesn't mean better.
My original right hip got changed out in 2008. A huge improvement.
Intermediate Driver

He should have gave her a new "dress" she deserves one...