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Hagerty Employee

1974 Buick Apollo: Nova? No

In 1962 Chevrolet debuted a conventional compact to accompany the innovative Corvair, hoping to lure Falcon and Valiant shoppers over to The General. The resulting cadre of X-bodies was a success from day one. Today, we’ll be looking at a particularly original example of the Buick variant: the Apollo ... Read the full article on


Intermediate Driver

I want one....


To quote Maurice Chevalier, "...Ahh yes, I remember it well..."...


I started working for a local Buick Dealer while still in High School, and the first Apollo I saw was a 'Flight A' car, early production 'Plain Jane', Red with a Black interior repleat with front and rear benches, the Chevy 6cyl, an AM Radio; and nothing else...


Drove nice, everything worked, comfortable, decent power and brakes, but, people would stare.  Not in an unpleasant way, just more, you know, curious.  After more Apollos appeared, along with the Olds and Pontiac variants, they became more commonplace and thus, less of a distraction.  Several of our regular Buick customers purchased them for Kids off to College, where they wouldn't have considered the Opels still on the Showroom Floor (dunno why; they were Cool, and Excellent Cars) right next to them.  Many were purchased by Oldsters, looking to downsize from the 2T+ Rivieras and Electras, and dressed up with Whitewalls, Wheel Covers, the optional Moulding Pkg, and perhaps a Vinyl Roof, they looked Buick-enough to keep up with the Joneses...


At least give Buick credit for NOT producing a '74 Regal Grand Sport (avail w/ 455ci Stage 1) on the Nova platform, ala Pontiac's '74 "gto"...




If the car was garaged for 43 years, why are there sun cracks on the dash pad?