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Hagerty Employee

1973 Chevrolet Impala: Family Yacht

Think fast: What's the most common family car today? If you guessed some variety of domestic full-sized pickup or imported crossover, you'd be right. Among the more popular family cars these days are the Forester, Silverado, and Explorer. As it has for many years, the top dog, sales-wise, is the Ford F-150.

My family had a ‘73 in Taupe Metallic (ugly color) and were excited when it was new. We really came to dislike it, however, as we much preferred our ‘68 Impala. The ‘73 had a horrible seatbelt warning buzzer and big red seatbelt warning light in the dash. The solution used by many people (not us) when this feature came out was to just keep the seatbelts permanently buckled and stuff the seatbelt between the seat cushions. Outsmart that buzzer!
We finally traded it in on a new ‘77 Caprice which was a great car. Perfectly sized for a full size car and performed way better than the ‘73.

Shorten the hood a bit, a 8 inches to the body depth and turn the trunk area into a box then all you need is the 4x4 running gear.

People used to tow with full size cars all the time (big pulls). Crew Cab trucks are the modern Impala circa 58-76 full size car.

Our family has had several of the next (downsized) generation B platform Impalas and Pontiacs. They seem to have survived better than the 70-76.

10/10. Would daily.
New Driver

My parents had one in the early nineties.It was brown and had no pillars.The motor started smoking so my dad just drove it next the crusher at the wrecking yard he worked at removed battery and it was crushed.They were just considered disposable cars back then.