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Hagerty Employee

1971 Lincoln Continental: Magnet for a Mini-Me Klockau

My love of Ford Motor Company's luxury marque is well established. Very few people, at least those who appreciate vintage cars, would argue that the 1961-69 Lincoln Continental was anything but a classic design and a true American luxury car, but I also am rather fond of the 1970-73 version.
Intermediate Driver

Interesting that the Lincoln gun-sight logo is vertical in most places but is horizontal on the trunk lid. I too love the 70s land yachts. Have owned an LTD, Gran Ville, and a Sedan DE Ville.
New Driver

That is such a great story, in high school , I fell in love with a gold rusty 73 continental. I met a guy in school he had my favorite, a black 1970. Wall to Wall chrome grille amazing car. Today I have a near flawless 93 town car in champagne and taupe leather with moonroof. What a amazing car for a amazing epoch in car time. Never to be repeated, child hood memories rekindled in a car so big, it was the normal in America. Thanks.

Does the driver have five air conditioning registers to control? I don't remember them the way I do Chrysler's downward-facing right-side remote-control mirror joysticks hidden in the centers of their dashboards, but they're a neat lost feature, assuming they're what they appear to be.