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Hagerty Employee

1970 Chevrolet Caprice: The Brougham Whisperer strikes again

My three regular readers are likely familiar with Jason Bagge, my friend in Spokane, who buys vintage land yachts, rejuvenates them, sells them, and then does it all over again. One of his perennial favorites is the 1970's-era Chevrolet Caprice.
New Driver

I have that exact car, second owner, original owner is my parents close friends, they restored to original and I did small modification. 


Pit Crew

Love your work on Jason's cars, Mr. Klockau. This iteration leaves me nostalgic for the 1972 Impala which I owned and drove during the mid 1980s. It had the 'siamesed' 400 small block with a two barrel carburetor. On a short highway trip, it once averaged 11mpg. The ride and handling demonstrated the aptness of its "tuna boat" designation. I eventually replaced it with something tiny and happy to turn and bearing a manual transmission. Nevertheless I sometimes shop the web for B-body convertibles, and dream of the fun to be had.
New Driver

Love the car. When I was a little boy my parents owned a 1970 Capprice Classic that was a convertible. Had a 350 with an automatic, burgundy with a white top. We lived in upstate NY, finger lakes region. Have never seen another and I'm now 55 years old.
Pit Crew

Great find! A friend's father had a '70 Caprice with the 396 in it. We tested that big block a number of times. Bet that 454 is even more test worthy. Why am I attracted to these big block cushy GM cars? Oh, maybe that 420 HP Escalade 6.2 liter in my garage says something about my preferences.
Intermediate Driver

The popularity of these cars is rising. My bet the larger 66-72 Caprice and Impalas are going to be the next wave of hot ones from the Chevrolet camp.