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Hagerty Employee

1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville: Sensational Sauterne Sunroof

In 1970, Cadillac first offered a power sunroof on selected models. Up until that time, sunroofs on American cars had been rather limited in availability. After a small Cadillac run in the thirties, the option was limited to aftermarket converters. One of them, the firm eventually known as ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) provided Ford with a sunroof in 1960; it didn't prove popular enough to continue, and the sunroof returned to post-sale conversion status until 1967, when the Cougar got one. In 1969, both Lincoln and Cadillac had small runs of factory sunroof options, with installation performed by ASC on a separate line, but in 1970 Cadillac went all-in on a power sunroof for several models.


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New Driver

Great write-up as usual Tom! I never knew '70 was the first year for the power sunroof in Cadillacs. Cool info! Love that exterior color too! What a gorgeous car in and out. Thanks again for your great work!

Pit Crew

Cars from this era were REAL Cadillacs, distinctive and luxurious -- not the sorry excuses they sell today.  Too bad the brand has lost it's way over the years.  Luxury never goes out of style.  Would someone please remind Mary Barra?