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1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville: Sensational Sauterne Sunroof

In 1970, Cadillac first offered a power sunroof on selected models. Up until that time, sunroofs on American cars had been rather limited in availability. After a small Cadillac run in the thirties, the option was limited to aftermarket converters. One of them, the firm eventually known as ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) provided Ford with a sunroof in 1960; it didn't prove popular enough to continue, and the sunroof returned to post-sale conversion status until 1967, when the Cougar got one. In 1969, both Lincoln and Cadillac had small runs of factory sunroof options, with installation performed by ASC on a separate line, but in 1970 Cadillac went all-in on a power sunroof for several models.


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Cars from this era were REAL Cadillacs, distinctive and luxurious -- not the sorry excuses they sell today.  Too bad the brand has lost it's way over the years.  Luxury never goes out of style.  Would someone please remind Mary Barra?

Pit Crew