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Hagerty Employee

1968 Rambler American 220: Plain White Wrapper

Certain makes and models take a lot of flak from armchair enthusiasts, especially when they are perceived to be plain or boring. Corolla, Camry, Accord, Malibu-and more recently, Equinox, Explorer, and Pilot. But let's face it, most folks don't give a flip about their marque's heritage, prowess in racing or "cool" appearance.
Intermediate Driver

My best friend's dad had one. He was a short man and WWII Vet. Lost his right lower leg and had a prosthesis.... so he drove with his left foot. Kinda by Braille too... bad vision. So being a Detroit car... was not only beat up but very rusty... he didn't care. It was transportation. He was wealthy and used it when he was collecting rent...."don't want the tenants to think I'm rich." Loved him. One day, we were on the Lodge Freeway coming back from the Cobo Hall Auto show.... and one of the dang doors simply fell off.... on the freeway. But we got home. He let Mike and me tinker with it... we made a real beater of it... took all the doors off.... experimented with "repairs." I think we had about 3,000 lbs of Bondo on it... but the motor was strong and tranny just fine. Running straight pipes was good in theory... but reality was it didn't sound like we thought it wood.

Miss those days!!!! Simple cars with simple fun.......

"the honest truth is I like pretty much anything"

I think that shines through in your articles. It's refreshing that you celebrate vehicles that some (or many) would choose to deride.

Chevy II have a big following... and it has always amused me that people that really like those don't give credit to the very similar Ramblers, Studebakers, etc.
New Driver

Rambler American? It is in good condition but not a collector car. I’d buy it if I had a friend that wants one.
Pit Crew

My grandfather's friend Rocco had a '68 or '69 American two-door he bought new and drove until he died in the mid-80s. Every time I see one of these I can't help but think of him, my grandpop, and my dad (Rocco's godson) sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and shooting the breeze.