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1968–82 Chevrolet Corvette (C3) buyers guide

The C3 Corvette lived in a turbulent era for the automotive industry, but it remained America’s flagship sports car with styling that went from 1960s radical to the fiberglass embodiment of ’70s automotive excess and cutting-edge computerized improvements. It was going to take a stunning design to be a worthy successor to the impressive 1963–67 Corvette (C2), and that’s why you might want one.


So let’s get a high level overview of every year of C3 Corvette, and highlight special editions so you’ll know which Corvette is best for you.


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Very good article.  Only thing missing is the pricing for 1982 (which was way up) and the production numbers, around 26,000 which were way down.  Oh, quarter mile times would have been nice to, so a good comparison could be made.  We are original owners of a 1982 Silver green metallic with less than 15,000 mi.  Getting it back on the road and going to drive it more!

New Driver