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1967–69 Chevrolet Camaro Buyers Guide

With a platform shared with the successful Chevrolet Nova, a name derived from the French word for “friend” or “comrade,” and a mission to do battle with Ford’s wildly successful Ford Mustang, Chevrolet introduced the stylish 1967 Camaro 2+2 coupe and convertible to fanfare and success both in the showroom and on the race track.


So let’s get a quick, high-level overview of the first-generation Camaro and highlight special editions, so you’ll know which examples are best for you.


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At first glance, this seems like quite an impressive investment. Upon closer look, though, this owner may have just about broken even. Assuming the car was purchased at MSRP, and given their popularity at the time, it's highly unlikely it was purchased for less than MSRP, and allowing for some other costs such as insurance as well as auction fees, in the end, the owner had a car he could look at but not touch (drive) for 12 years. The same money invested in the S&P 500 would have yielded about the same result. Of course, if he was a fan of Disney, Netflix, Google, Apple or a number of other stocks, he could have bought this car now with a tiny fraction of the money he made. 🙂


My point is, buy a car to enjoy, not to speculate on it hopefully being worth enough in the future to break-even or profit. Unless your car was produced in the hundreds (and not tens or hundreds of thousands), it's not likely to be some magical profit unicorn in the future.

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