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1966 Porsche 911: Timeless teardrop

The last few of my write-ups (or is it all of them?) have been various and sundry full-size domestic land yachts, especially heavy on Cadillacs. Well, what can I say? I love those cars. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like other stuff. It doesn’t necessarily have to have opera lamps and a Cayman-grain padded vinyl landau roof to catch my attention. Although my favorite Porsche of all is the 356, the early 911 is a close second ... Read the full article on


I was never much of a 911 fan. They to me were just a better VW and I just did not get the excitement. 

But then I got to drive one from San Diego to San Francisco up Highway 1 and back on highway 5. 

At that point I got it. This car is about more than looks and taught me what to look for in a great handling vehicle. 

I was used  driving vehicles with high limits on handling but they made you work for it and you felt every mph of the drive. 

The 911 is a car that will let you look at the speedo and shock you that you are 25 mph faster than you thought, The 911 make driving feel slow even at higher speeds.  I find this in a number of vehicle today as many mfg find better shocks vs heavier springs are better for handling. 

Intermediate Driver

Another forgettable paddle shifting techno rocket. BORING!!!

Intermediate Driver

Yeah, I'll scratch my C8 order and go for this.  Got to check the sofa cushions for loose change, like an extra $165K.


The resemblance in the metal/fiberglass isn't as strong as it is in pictures, largely because the McLaren is a more dramatically proportioned car.
Intermediate Driver

"throttle-brake oversteer"???  Do you mean tail passing the nose when the gas pedal is abruptly lifted?


What’s the color blue ? Please post