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Hagerty Employee

1965 Shelby GT350R: An old friend heads to market (again) | Hagerty Media

Mecum is offering a 1965 Shelby GT350R, SFM5R106 to be exact, at its Kissimmee sale this week. I'll be watching very closely. Not because it's the rarest or most important of the 36 original Shelby GT350 Competition Models (a.k.a.
Intermediate Driver

Must have been amazing to see three of these cars lined up. I would love to know what they are like to use on the track. Great article Colin!

I've seen and even driven cars I found for sale that I used to own. I wanted them back but soon found out why I sold them in the first place and the reasons still exist. And still I have regrets.
Intermediate Driver

Can we expect an exclusive Hagerty index for cars owned by Colin Comer?
Intermediate Driver

great article .love the reminiscence,s I can remember every car I’ve ever owned I wish I could say the same about the number of ladies I have known! That’s what makes me a car guy.
Intermediate Driver

I got to watch I car I used to own (and completely restored to 99 point status) get ripped apart on a TV auto building reality show. To say it was a bit gut wrenching is an understatement.
Advanced Driver

I often wonder about some of my past rides - '88 Fiero GT, '89 20th Trans Am, '90 IROC convertible - but of course none are particularly noteworthy except to me. I do know what happened to my very first car, a '68 Mustang coupe, 302. My car was well known in the Atlanta suburb where I lived. I sold it locally to go to college. I heard many years later that the car had stayed local, and the 3rd or 4th buyer did his own brake job, and promptly totaled it. Rest in pieces, my old friend.

It seems these were nothing more than factory paid race cars that had nothing to do with any actual production cars. The "formula" of stripping weight off was very well known before 1965. All of the funny car/drag racers knew about fiberglass parts, plastic windows, and acid dipping the sheet metal. These are neat cars, but only significant to those with excessive valuation in mind.
Campaigning old race cars is fun, but not anything seriously affecting automotive history. ALL former champ race cars become obsolete and as desirable as last weeks newspaper!
Pit Crew

I live about 10 minutes from both where this car was sold and where the buyers address is listed. Alas, the dealership is now a Chipotle and the owners address is a Family Video store which will itself be closing soon.

Amen. Great cars!
Intermediate Driver

As a lad I got hooked on auto racing through a friend whose father who ran a D Production Austin-Healey 3000 in the Chicago area. Meadowdale, Blackhawk and Elkhart Lake were special places to me. They had me doing all sorts odd jobs around the paddock, but mostly dirty stuff to keep me out of the way. Guys like Tullius, Yenko and Donohue were just average Joe's. By the time I was 'experienced' enough to start twisting wrenches cars like the GT350 were hitting the tracks and a lot of the weekend warriors were dropping out. My interests turned to straight line speed and more displacement. But I remember those early 60's when a "D" Healey could stay on the butt of a B Production Vette through the turns but then left in the dust on the straights. Damn it was fun.
New Driver

Those were the days. My Father owned Triangle Engine and did work for many of the "sporty car racers" in that time. I remember Meadowale very well and of course Elkhart lake. As a teen I was in the pits as Ford engineers were looking at blown Cobra engines and actually talked with Jim Hall as he raced his "secret" automatic Chaparral. Those were certainly the days
Intermediate Driver

That's a car that has to have built great memories