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Hagerty Employee

1963-1967 Corvette (C2) Buyers Guide

It’s an understatement to say the second-generation Chevrolet Corvette was a significant departure from the original “solid axle” Corvette.  Sporting a fully-independent suspension and a chassis blueprint benefiting from years of racing experience from GM engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov, and with designer Bill Mitchell’s all-new fastback coupe body (convertibles were available) reminiscent of the Stingray fish, the C2 set the standard in Corvette engineering for many years to come.


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New Driver

I believe the finned brake drums on the 1963/64 C2 were cast iron not aluminum.

Community Manager

Correction made! Thank you very much!
Community Manager

You are right! There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, but I checked the RPO codes and see nothing for al-fin drums! Luckily for me that makes room to talk about the Sintered Metallic Brakes.
Pit Crew

Isn't it interesting that just about any high performance C2 is worth more in the market than a brand new C8?...this says something about the timeless design and performance options that has made the C2s the one to collect and cherish long term


Nice summary! However, the top-performing 427 in 1966 was the 425hp L-72; the L-71 you noted as a 1966 option wasn't introduced until 1967, and had 435hp with 3x2 carburetion.


I believe you have confused N11 off-road exhaust with N14 side exhaust.


A powerglide transmission was not availablke with the L79 327/350hp engines.

Intermediate Driver

One error you made in the 1966 Corvette is the N14 Off Road Exhaust System as you called it.  The Off Road Exhaust System was RPO N11 and was routed under the car.  N14 was called the Side Mount Exhaust System and obviously ran down each side of the car.  This is a common mistake many people make.


The '65 full sized Chevy also had to wait until mid-year for the 396.  That's why they continued offering the 409 until the 396 replaced it.  The only year you could see both 409's and 396's...

Community Manager

You are right and thank you for the correction! I am making it now.