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Hagerty Employee

1961 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country: Pillarless Finery | Hagerty Media

I've always loved hardtop station wagons, though they are few and far between. When it came to longroofs with no B-pillar, automotive history provided only a handful of options. The 1957-58 Buick Caballero, the 1957-58 Oldsmobile Fiesta, various 1957-60 Mercurys, and the 1960-62 Chrysler Town & Country. At least, if memory serves.

Ooooh, the mighty Golden Lion!

No, you kids can't play behind the car! You'll put an eye out!.
Intermediate Driver

What a gorgeous car !
Love most late 50's early 60's anything pillarless.
Less is MORE !
Advanced Driver

That's quite a car. I was 10 years old when these were new, and I was far more interested in Corvettes and XKE's than station wagons, so I never gave them a second glance. When my buddies and I got older, though, and seriously into working on cars, the utility of wagons came shining through, and a couple of my friends had some really cool ones. How about a '67 BelAir with a 396 and a 4-speed? Another had a '66 Galaxie with a 390 4-bbl and a C6 he inherited from his Dad.

But I sure didn't see many of the big Chrysler wagons, let alone one with fins!

- Jim
Advanced Driver

This Chrysler looks like it might have the swivel seats. Did you check them out?
2 door and 4 door Chryslers all had the swivel seat option. They were different between 2 door and 4 door cars, but still cool, and unique.

I recall them starting in '58, I believe; our '59 DeSoto Firedome 4dr HT (white with pastel pink top and color sweep) had them--By 1960, Chrysler Corp had a cable attached to the front door frame that released and swiveled the seat outward, but they made opening the door difficult and my Dad (a dealer) disconnected the demo driver-door cable in his Fury 4 dr HT, that had everything, including an RCA 45 RPM. record player over the front floor hump (It played upside down so the needle wouldn't bounce)


Wow, Wow, Wow! Now that's a wagon.
Thomas, you need to come up here to MN in June for the annual Back to the 50's show, sometime. You'll see all kind of interesting wagons and a lot of other unusual and rare automobiles. That car does look familiar to me, so it may have been up here or another one like it. I've always loved the wagons. Thank you for an excellent article and pics!
Pit Crew

The 1960 Dodge Polara wagon was a hardtop The Matador wagon of 1960 had the B pillar. At age 10 we had one and road tripped to Fla in that back facing 3 rd row seat . Six years later took my drivers test on it before it was to the rust pile. My dad pulled those awesome backup lights and used them for rear deck lights on our boat🇺🇸
New Driver

Beautiful car. When I was young the neighbors next door were into dog showing. They owned a gold 1961 Newport Town and Country. That was swapped for a 63 in metallic blue, the same color as my Dad's 63 New Yorker. Been in love with the looks of 63 Chrysler's ever since, especially the trim piece on the trunk lid of the NYrs.🙂