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1960 Valiant V-200: Please don’t call it a Plymouth!

Valiant. Mention the name to anyone who was a kid in the ’60s and you’ll almost certainly prompt some diverse memories. “Oh, my Aunt Freda and Uncle Sid had one, it was the toughest car they ever had!” Or, “I drove one in high school, got it for $100 off a shady used car lot and it was the dullest, slowest car I ever owned!” Or, in the case of my mother, “Oh, I remember those. Chicken Delight in Davenport used them as delivery vehicles. They all had a cartoon chicken on the roof!”


(By the way, does anyone remember Chicken Delight?)


Anyway, in approximately 99.895 percent of these circumstances, these nostalgic speakers will refer to the Plymouth Valiant.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

I've seen a couple of the two-door coupes get the full restomod treatment, and they look really good all hunkered down.


- Jim

Intermediate Driver

First time I saw one (aged 6), I was blown away by what I thought was the, "new Lark". A neighbor had a Lark and I was stunned to find out this was made by a different company. Always liked the Valiant, for some reason even the "spare tire" rear deck looks good to me with the swoopy rear quarters. So silly even back then, to have so many separate card divisions that should have just been one combined name with different models. 

Advanced Driver