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Hagerty Employee

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville: Maximum Fins, Maximum Cadillac

Let’s start off with one crucial fact. I am, I have been, and I always will be a sucker for Cadillacs. Always. And Lincolns, and Imperials, and other land-yacht era luxury cruisers. But Cadillac has always had a spell on me. I often think about what year was Peak Cadillac. Sometimes I think it’s 1958, or 1962, or 1968, or 1976. It’s hard to decide. Like a starving man at a restaurant, everything looks good. But there is no denying how special the 1959 Cadillacs were.


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Advanced Driver

I share the love of the '59 Caddy. Your photos capture what I love about this car. In my living room I have two poster-sized photos of the '59, one a fin shot, and the other, the front, with that magnificent bumper, grill and headlights. 

Incidentally, that $7,401 for the '59 Eldorado Seville inflation adjusted is $65k and change. 


Hi Thomas; great article and fantastic photos! 

I had a '57 Sedan de Ville that had 33K miles when I bought it in 1983, and 39K when I sold it in 2004. Of course the fins weren't comparable to the 1959s, but were still impressive. 

Just a couple of "catches", though... You write "Most Eldorados from the Fifties were seldom seen in the Fifties"... I'd claim that they were much less-seen as time went on.  

Also — I've never seen a vinyl roof covering on any Cadillac from that time. I could easily be wrong. 


Whenever I see one of these pull into a car show, I have two distinct thoughts: a) "What a beautiful car!", and b) "Dude, how the hell big is your garage anyway?"