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Hagerty Employee

1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz: Rocket Chariot

Have you ever seen a car you really, really loved? And then totally forgot about it? Say, for a period of several years? It's happened to me. Case in point: Today's most excellent '50s-fabulous Cadillac. I have an equally Cadillac-obsessed friend in Texas named Jayson Coombes.

The only thing "lacking" in this '58 is that it isn't a '59. The '59s have (for better or worse) set the bar for great-looking finned "Road Titanics". There are a lot of wonderful details on this car, and a Biarritz of ANY year is certainly a notable vehicle. But set them side-by-side, and a '59 will draw the bigger crowd any day. Too bad, but the reality is what it is.

A few decades ago, I had a friend named Rich, who owned one of these. His family were serious car collectors, with a very eclectic stable of vehicles.

Rich’s Biarritz was named Bertha, and it still had its functioning Air Suspension, which was problematic as they aged, and many owners had them converted to normal shock absorbers. The car actually lowered itself when parked.


Also: ALL Cadillacs that/these years had 365 cubic-inch engines, making 300 horsepower. I had a ’57 DeVille with one. The Eldo’s did have more horsepower, with their larger carburetors.


It’s worth mentioning that 1958 was the year that quad headlights were made legal. The 1957 Eldorado Brougham somehow got to have them a year earlier.

Pit Crew

1958 was a good year for big interesting cars. (My all time favorite is the 58' Buick Limited convertible, but that's another story) Cadillac was certainly trying to keep their brand as "thee car" to choose when you think luxury and nothing proves this point more than the Cadillac Brougham. Despsite them being close to double the cost, Cadillac lost money on every one of them. And today, this is one of those rare instances where a hardtop model is more expensive than the convertible. Remember the Brougham is a 4 door as well!
Pit Crew

A week before this was published, I had the privelige to attend the annual Cadillac and LaSalle show for the Toledo chapter. There on display was my dad's 1957 Eldorado Biarritz and a stunning original 1957 Eldorado Brougham. The Biarritz has been in my family since 1959 and had an amateur cosmetic restoration in the 90s, the Brougham was a 40K mile example that was 100% original, cosmetically and was perfect.

What a sight to have those two share the spotlight.