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Hagerty Employee

1946-79 VW Beetle values are finding wings, but some are still cheap fun

In part thanks to the craze around everything Porsche, "air-cooled" has become more badge of honor than anachronism. Looking at German cars, there's still Volkswagen, but prices for these once-affordable vehicles have also ticked up. Thanks to the Camper van's #vanlife mystique, the big Transporter has become downright precious.

A surprising number of corrections could be made in this article. One notable one is the photo of a VERY rare Hebmuller Cabriolet which is listed simply as a Beetle Convertible to illustrate that Convertibles began appearing in 1950. Also, unless we are mixing production of Beetles for Worldwide consumption, including Beetles produced in various parts of the World, and not just in Germany, then, we could assert, I assume, that in "1974 turn signals were incorporated into the front bumper". I wonder, also from whence came the horsepower ratings quoted in the article--certainly not from the Official VW Literature (even in the Glove Box Edition Owner's Manuals) anywhere (?). Sigh.