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1927 Mercedes-Benz Model K wins Best in Show at Greenwich Concours

Michael and Joannie Rich were looking for just the right car, and in the end, the right car found them. It proved to be a match made in concours heaven. The Pennsylvania couple's one-off 1927 Mercedes-Benz Model K was chosen Best in Show at Sunday's 25th Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, which returned to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park after a two-year hiatus.

I don't see it. There's not a harmonious or graceful line on the car. The proportions are ungainly too. It's an interesting car that was technically significant when new, but it is not a beautiful car.

Very strange fenders. Sleeker fenders would really improve the proportions.

I am a fan of this overall style of the era, but I think you are spot on. If the rear fenders came down and followed the back of the car it would look much better than the open rear of the fenders that it wears. Other than that, I personally would not change a thing about this car, it is very much an aesthetic I enjoy, and have since the first time I road in a "rumble seat" when I was 5.

I think that all fixing the fenders would accomplish is revealing that the body is far too short for the chassis. The rear spring perches are what the fenders are attempting to hide, but they can't hide that everything from door length to top design is jarringly awkward as a result of the body not fitting the chassis.

looks just like a Packard to me
Pit Crew

That paint scheme would be a deal breaker for me. That color?? And no color on the front half? Nope.
Pit Crew

The Judges never have any easy job as there were so many magnificent automobiles there, this being one of them. Congratulations to Michael and Joannie Rich as well as Steve Babinski and his team for a job well done!
Pit Crew

I attended the Show on Sunday Afternoon and my congratulations for putting a great event …It was run so much better than the previous owners of the Concourse… If was much more user friendly allowing to get closer to the cars … Although the park isn’t very big I hope that you guys will be able to bring out more cars next year… thank for a great time
Pit Crew

I was at the event both Saturday and Sunday. I have attended previous Greenwich Concours and was happy to be able to actually walk around the vehicles instead of seeing them roped off.
You should publish more photos of the various cars for both Saturday and Sunday.

Would love to see the Radwood cars especially my SHO which was featured in a Red Flying V on the grass

I am looking forward to next year. One of my few complaints was the food. Prior Concours had a variety of food vendors and food trucks. That should be taken into consideration for the next show

How do you open the hood with those pipes?
Advanced Driver

Something other than yellow might not be original, but it would be a hell of a lot more attractive.
Advanced Driver

Well, times and styles change. It's very similar to other cars of that era, nothing really sets it out above others (like Packards) except that it's a one-off custom built body and an excellent restoration. There were some more graceful designs in the late 20s, like the 27 Cord L-29, but many were similar to this one.