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18 of the coolest factory hood scoops | Hagerty Media

Lots of cars look their best when they're prepped for racing: lowered, stripped down, and bristling with widgets that cheat and channel the air. Naturally, auto designers love to bring some of those racing accents into the showroom, and one of our favorite styling elements that's trickled down from the tarmac is the hood scoop.
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Intermediate Driver

They should make it a drag pickup

As the previous owner of an AAR Cuda and current owner of a Hellcat Challenger, this type and the Mopar and Fordshakersare my favorites.
New Driver

Nobody mentioned the 1970 Rover 3500S.
Beautiful car.
Pit Crew

My first thought as soon as I saw the title of the article! Yes, beautiful, understated car.
Pit Crew

I often wondered what the owners of permanent “open air” hood scoops (like Mopar, 65 Shelby ect.) did when it rained? Carry a trunk load of new air filters to replace the wet soggy filter?
Intermediate Driver

Look for a drain hole at the bottom of the housing. Seems to work with low open intake on friend's VTEC Civic.
Intermediate Driver

My dad was all over the 71 Mustang, it had everything he wanted as a hard-core hotrodder in the fifties. He bought a very discrete Sportroof in Pewter, changed the distributor on the 351 to Mallory and it was our family car until the low octane, diluted gas of the eighties made the 11:1 compression ratio engine hard to drive. My dad got his money's worth of use (and fun) out of it, though, and after it became a tired car, and then, an outside neglected car ("ran when parked"!) he finally sold it to a local kid with lots of enthusiasm. It was great to follow along the young blood getting it back on the road.

Getting back to this article, the NACA scoop was cool, but Dad ended up disconnecting the vacuum motors to keep the doors closed because the air cleaner was always fillling up with leaves and stuff through the scoops.
Intermediate Driver

Everybody, except anybody who commented or wrote the article, knows that the '69 TransAm hood has ALWAYS had the best looking scoops. They run the WHOLE LENGTH OF THE HOOD. NOBODY ELSE did that in the history of hood scoops (Gen2 Firebird Formula 400 was close, but not as aggressive looking or as long). And the '69 TransAm scoops had stripes. There are some great scoops, but the '69 TransAm was the pinnacle of scoop design. 697 made, all from sheet metal.

Is that the big scoop that is raised so high that you can't see the other side of the hood, or the two, smaller scoops?
New Driver

No SC/Rambler?



Intermediate Driver

In my humble opinion, don't like none of them.
New Driver

Nice selection I was surprised not to see the 68 Shelby Mustang and the 66-67 427 Fairlane factory cars. You could have left the SVO out and I wouldn’t even have minded LOL that said I appreciate you including my toy as having a cool hood scoop.

No '64 Ford Thunderbolt bubble? Oh, I know...not a real scoop. Oh wait, a cowl induction is not either is it? I put the Thunderbolt piece on my '57 chevy Bel Air...loved it.
New Driver

Anything Shelby for hood scoops. The NASA scoops on the 69 and 70 are good. My all time favorite are the shaker hoods on my 1970 and 71 Ford Torino Cobra's. All of the new Mopar shakers are good. Ed.$