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Hagerty Employee

18 of the coolest factory hood scoops | Hagerty Media

Lots of cars look their best when they're prepped for racing: lowered, stripped down, and bristling with widgets that cheat and channel the air. Naturally, auto designers love to bring some of those racing accents into the showroom, and one of our favorite styling elements that's trickled down from the tarmac is the hood scoop.
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New Driver

i love the mopar 6 pack scoop but the 64 thunderbolt scoop is very cool
Hagerty Employee

Great stuff, but in my mind the absolute best hood scoop ever was on the 1968 Super Stock Hemi Darts and Barracuda's!
Intermediate Driver

How about the 61/62 Pontiac hood scoop which was actually a Ford big truck part?
Pit Crew

Call me partial, but I love my oversized 'Gorilla' nostrils on my last of the line '02 Pontiac Firehawk. Esp over the '68 Olds 442 under bumper curb bangers. Just sayin' Over all any that don't look like someone slapped it on as an after thought works for me.
New Driver

While the W25 442 was shown the best you missed was the 69 H/O which really stands out on the car let a loan the sound when you step on it at 30MPH or so.
Pit Crew

'02 Firehawk'02 Firehawk


PLEASE teach us how to post a photo!
New Driver

By far the 71 Olds 442!
Pit Crew

The understated scoop on the '65 and '66 GT350.
New Driver

Well my favorite hood scoop is that of the 1970 AAR Cuda. Sleek, low, and functional. What more can you ask for???

Intermediate Driver

All of these scoops are eye catchers. I lean more toward the Chevelle and Corvette scoops. In terms of rear wheel power, are looks deceiving?
Pit Crew

I always like the Trans Am shaker hood and the Ram Air. Not a fan of the Dodge Six Pack or anything that sits too high on the hood.
Pit Crew

I've never met a hood scoop that I did not like; each and every one of these is awsome!
Intermediate Driver

Very surprised not to see the 1969 Hurst Olds hood scoop listed here, as well as the 1969 AMC Hurst SC/rambler hood scoop. Probably two of the top 5 most unique appearing factory hood scoops of all time. Either of these could have easily replaced the mundane-looking late model Mustang scoop cited in the article.

Your mileage may vary.
Pit Crew

dough; I'm with you - that '69 Rambler SC/Rambler scoop was OVER-THE-TOP! ...and just in case you missed the message; AIR with an arrow stencil in front of it. Awesome.
New Driver

1976 Aston Martin AM V8
Intermediate Driver

Thank you for using the Chrysler A12 Roadrunner on the photo. Not only is it the most functional scoop ever produced (not the Challenger T/A) due to how high it sits above the static air boundary layer so that it actually scooped forced air, but it is iconic for being part of the only mass produced fiberglass lift-off hood ever to see mass production. If you wanted to check the oil at the filling station, you were going to need the pump attendant’s help setting that hood on your roof!
Pit Crew

Let's not forget our 2 wheeled friends...the 2003 Kawasaki ZZR1200 had 2 scoops under the headlights to ram enough air in to make it the most powerful carbureted motorcycle produced.
Intermediate Driver

Boss 429?
99-04 Mustang GT scoop was fake, wasn't it?
New Driver

The cowl induction for the 1970 Chevelle was the coolest from the driver's perspective, just fun to see it pop up when you floored it. However, I am a sucker for the 1970 Challenger T/A hood scoop to just look at.
Intermediate Driver

Mopar shaker then the A12 Dodge, then the Mach 1.
New Driver

What about Cougars with RAM AIR from 69 and 70?
Those were functional.
New Driver

My favorite functional hood scoop is the '61 - '63 Thunderbird.
Intermediate Driver

The 1970/71 Corvette ZR1 LT-1 cold air induction hood. I always wanted a C3 just for that hood. Drool.
New Driver

I would pick the Corvette stinger hood of these but the first one I remember was the cowl induction on my dad's 79 Z28. I remember how cool that vacuum operated wonder seemed to my 6 year old self.
Pit Crew

The 79 z28 did not have a functional hood air intake.

They came in the 80-81 z28's.

I love it when my 81 would open up as I floored it. Very cool and great memories.
Advanced Driver

I love all these. And the "air grabber" shark puts a big smile on my face.

So no mention of the 70 AMX? Now that was one beautiful hood with a scoop.
Intermediate Driver

Or the Scrambler Rambler
Pit Crew

I always liked the Shaker scoop on my '70 Boss 302 Mustang, which I am pretty sure was the same scoop pictured on the Mach 1, but without the "Cobra Jet" labels. And it was functional, with a vacuum operated trap door in the bottom that opened up at higher throttle, and manifold vacuum held it closed at lower. Of course, mine stayed open all the time because the vacuum line was missing.
Intermediate Driver

My favorite isn't on here but the A12 scooped lift off hood is the one I'd pick. They're all nice but none have the pop of that six barrel scoop.
New Driver

Ford’s scoop on the 72 Torino GT is a perfected version of the 67 Shelby GT 500 scoop. Both beautiful flowing designs.
Pit Crew

Well I guess & show my really old schoolness here, the 1958 Ford scoop is the best!
Intermediate Driver

I'll pick ? Lets see 1 to 18 Naaa I'll say they are all perfect.
New Driver

You left out the best one of all, the hood scoop on the 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport...hands down. My second pick would be the Mach 1 hood scoops on the 71-73 Mustang Mach 1's. The scoop on the late 60's Dodge Dart/Plymouth Roodrunner's has to be the ugliest scoop on a car and does nothing to improve the looks of the cars....quite the opposite in fact.
New Driver

Can't believe that the 1965 GTO hood scoop wasn't included. I love mine.
New Driver

1970 AMC AMX - Great flowing design and functional.
Pit Crew

Had a '70 RA III and a '72 H/O 455 trans am. I loved the functional ram air. Solenoid operated it would snap open about 3/4 throttle as I recall. Not sure what the real HP gain was, but the increased intake noise and seeing it snap open was just too cool. Miss those cars
New Driver

Don’t forget some of the coolest one-year only factory hood scoops from Mopar’s 340 6-pak Dodge Challenger T/A and 6-barrel Plymouth ‘Cuda AAR
Pit Crew

No question for me! The 67 Corvette Stinger Hood. Absolute perfection.
Intermediate Driver

My favorite is the N94 fiberglass hood that came on the 1970 Challenger T/A. It was very effective and looked awesome. Initially included in the T/A package beginning in February 1970, it was then in April made a regular option on any 4-barrel V8 Challenger except the Special Edition.
It was a regular production option again in 1971. One of the rarest Mopar muscle cars is the 1970 Challenger R/T with the N94 hood covering a 426 Hemi underneath. Although the exact number built is unknown, only two have been documented.
Pit Crew

They are all great
where are my 1968 Camaro "SS" hood scoops
AND my 1970 Dodge Coronet "Super Bee"
Is there really an ugly hood scoop, that didn't send a message?
Pit Crew

I'd take the 58-60 T Bird over the 58 Ford. 58 Ford was decoration - not even a scoop
Intermediate Driver

First any hood scoop that is functional.
Extra points for shaker.
Although the 1967 Z/28 cowl plenum rates up there - only some stripes as a give away to the true nature of the package.
There were several makes that used cold air to feed a sleeping giant. Very few clues that a stoplight encounter might leave you seeing tail lights and wondering what just happened.
Like running into an L69 W-30 F 85.
New Driver

Firebird Formula 400, but they weren't real...
Pit Crew

Actually, there was a functional "Ram Air" option. And it's easy to convert the non-functional 1970-1975 hoods. The non-functional hoods had the ductwork and slots for the ram air screens but the fiberglass hadn't been cut out of the end of the scoops.

Amazing what you can do with a Dremel and a steady hand!
Intermediate Driver

Hardest question yet!! The problem is those scoops define the cars. A '67 corvette scoop would look down right silly on a Shelby and could you imagine a Mopar 6-pak scoop on a 442? Just wouldn't look right.

So, my vote is a "no vote" on the grounds of leading the witness!! 😉

Pit Crew

What about the Ford Thunderbolt backwards air scoop?

First choice: current Dodge Challenger with two small, discrete "scoops". Second choice: TransAm scoop.

The Mustang SVO hood might have looked OK, but it just looks silly and unbalanced with the off-center scoop.
Intermediate Driver

The asymmetry is a design triumph for me. Intensely functional, as the turbo is on one side of the engine, and a NACA duct as frosting.