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18 of the coolest factory hood scoops | Hagerty Media

Lots of cars look their best when they're prepped for racing: lowered, stripped down, and bristling with widgets that cheat and channel the air. Naturally, auto designers love to bring some of those racing accents into the showroom, and one of our favorite styling elements that's trickled down from the tarmac is the hood scoop.
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Pit Crew

My favorite hood scoop is on the AMC The Machine Rebel, which could be ordered with a hood mounted tachometer integrated into the hood scoop.
New Driver

Totally agree with Ronnie on the Rebel. Brandan really needs to research a little more. In addition to the Rebel the Big Bad scoop along with the standard Javelin ram air were more worthy than most on his list. I'm guessing he only knows the big 3 when it comes to cars after looking at his list.
Pit Crew

I've seen most of these over the years (and even over my own hood with the Trans Am!) but I don't recall that 70-72 Plymouth Air Grabber. That is absolutely the coolest hood scoop I've ever seen! Love the shark teeth in profile. Awesome stuff.
Intermediate Driver


Why the top '18'?
Great conversation starter though (wink, wink...)

If the AMC Guys are going to wax poetic about the AMX-Javelin-Rebel; why not the SC/Rambler?
C'mon, Guys, it even had an arrow directing the flow, you know, in case the air was confused where to go...

But, how about the 3rd Gen TA's?

The shout out for the 2nd Gens was great, considering the original print ads for the TA included the caption, "Gauges that Gauge, Spoilers that Spoil, and Scoops that Scoop!" Both 2nd and 3rd Gens get Bonus Points for producing both functional and non-functional versions; functionality being a judgement on actually flowing Air and not just Adrenaline. Besides, the 'non-functional' were easily modified with factory parts, or a 1/4" drill, a bit porch screen, a little epoxy, and a steady hand. How many Manufacturers were forced to Delete their Intake Scoops because they were TOO LOUD? Those Q-Jets could flow a lot more than people thought then or now...

Since Ford gets credit for the Mid-Century Full-Size, how about GMC for the same era pick-ups?

As usual though, all great choices; just enough for people to throw in their 2-cents...

New Driver

Where’s the L88 ? I always thought it was iconic .....

I know the article refers to front-mounted hood scoops, but this could technically be included: the 1998 Porsche 911/996 Strassenversion, the road-legal variant of the LeMans race car. Since the engine is in the rear and the roof-mounted scoop feeds air to that engine, loose logic says that makes it a hood scoop. Hey, it sounded good to me...
Pit Crew

Yes the Plymouth Air Grabber is real my brother had one on a '70 road runner 440 6 pack. The coolest scoop made!
Intermediate Driver

There are so many good one's. I also liked the Fiero roof scoops. The WRX scoops are iconic, too.
Pit Crew