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18 great car print ads aimed at the U.S. market | Hagerty Media

After we shared a story about great automotive print ads-written by our friends in the U.K. from their European perspective -we heard, uh, loud and clear from you readers that would should compile our own story that centered on car ads that prominently ran in America.
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New Driver

Even though I'm a Chevy guy, some of my favorite ads were the psychedelic Dodge and Plymouth ads from the late 60s. The "Rapid Transit System" ads like the Road Runner standing next to a cartoon Plymouth Roadrunner with the only caption "Beep, Beep!" or the cartoon of a big red car doing a burnout with the caption "Don't drive off in a huff, drive home in a Fury!" I don't think we'll se ads like those again.
Intermediate Driver

How about Porsche's print advertisement for the new Porsche 928 S4 in 1987:
"As fast as you can travel without eating airline food". Top speed was rated by the factory at 165 mph in the operators manual.
New Driver

So glad to see Dr. Olds get some recognition. When I was 22 years old in 1969 I bought a brand new Olds W31. One of 913 made that year, it had a 350 CID engine with an advertised 325 HP (those who owned one will swear it produced more HP), a close ratio Muncie 4 speed with a Hurst shifter going back to a .391 posi-trak rear end. The color for both the roof and body was "Platinum" which had a code of 69. So roof, body and year were 69/69/'69. Interior was black with bucket seats and a console that was flush with the seats. At that age, during that time I had waaay too much fun in that car.

I will never forget the sound it made at idle. Lub-dub-dub-dub-lub-dub-dub-dub. When the RMPs went up, the cold air induction scoops under the fenders sounded like jet intakes sucking in air. They also sucked in snow during the winter and at one point a sparrow who's desiccated remains were found when changing the air filter.

Alas, I traded it in on a '72 Cutlass Supreme which fit my needs better, but forty years later I started having dreams that the W31 was still mine.