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Hagerty Employee

13 customized Corvettes soared over $250K this January

The midyear Corvette-also known as the C2- was only produced for five model years (1963 through 1967) and is one of the most highly regarded designs in automotive history. Hardtop or convertible, the lines are gorgeous.
Intermediate Driver

Typical more horse power that the chassis can handle and no brain power to understand that you bought something that is totally useless and indeed as in previous comments will depreciate like the chopper mania we had in the past.
Intermediate Driver

I’m really an original kinda guy but I do appreciate the skill and artistry in these builds. However on a negative point, most of the wheel choices are absolutely horrendous!!
Pit Crew

Iam sorry but each of these are really just like the other one, a custom frame , hotter motor , newer Vette suspension , custom interior and custom wheels. But how do these cars really work , are they skid padded , corner weighted to say is the motor set back or in stock position, it seems any more resto mod is just more about eye candy not about how they actually work. I just love the TV programs that after the car is finished and the owner comes in and takes a drive, as he is going down the road at 10 MPH and never turns the wheel he says "it handles gteat " ! I am a driver I want accountability I want these cars on a skid pad or a road racing track , enough of this poser stuff, if you want to walk the walk learn how to walk, are these not sports cars ?
In Corvette magazine issue # 149 there is a article about a 60 called Extreme Makeover.
It is about a car that the body was made wider so it would handle better and longer in driver compartment for comfort yes this takes time to cut up a body modify and put back together in this manner, none of these has this. Has a custom frame made by the builder using moderen Corvette suspension and a trans axle for better weight transfer, not one of these has a transaxle. The car was also corner weighted and yes it sits perfect on coil overs. I have seen this car it is a one of a kind work of art .So what does all this do well if you drove it I guess you would see I just know this car is one cool car and the only one like it , far out does the kookie cutter ones that people are now paying way too much that are really all the same

Which one? None. I like new cars, old cars, and collectible cars, but have never liked restomods. Some do, and good for them.
Intermediate Driver

No thanks you probably delete what I said anyway

I'm not generally a Corvette guy, or Chevy in general. But there are Chevies and Vette's that cross my " I'm a Ford guy line" that I would absolutely love to own. These cars are so over the top for the regular guy that while I can appreciate the talent it takes to build them, they are over the top. But, thats what they are supposed to be. For the most part I am with the pureists but upgrade of brakes, tires, suspension etc.. is all good to me as you want a reliable driver. To those who question the reliability of some of these insane builds, they are not likely to be driven anyway. I'll take a 65 coupe with a 327 and 4speed please... but I'll add vinage air

I feel there is room for all collectors no matter what their taste in cars . Im just glad fans are spending money on our hobby no matter what they like . Money will always drive any hobby , good luck to all !!

I suspect that if modern cars weren't so mind-numbingly boring people would stop trying to turn the old ones into modern cars

I understand that 14" discs are nice to have in a high performance car, but at what price? The wheel/tire package on these cars range from so-so to extremely ugly. None of them look good.
Intermediate Driver

Mercedes says it all: 'Original is Best' Would anybody pay extra for a 1960's restomod of a Blower Bentley?
Pit Crew

All these Vettes are beautifully done. EXCEPT for the wheels. While wheels are one of the first things you change to make a car your own, I disliked all of the choices made. I think some more understated wheels would put more emphasis on the other changes made.
Intermediate Driver

Lot 1367, simple , elegant, yet modern in the right places
Pit Crew

Hideous destruction of classic corvettes.
Intermediate Driver

I doubt any of these cars will ever be more than garage candy and will be surprised if they ever appreciate much more in the financial sense. For every 1 person who likes (and can afford) them, there will be 10 turned off (where affording won't even factor.)
Classic (pun intended) case of "you can miss the target by aiming too high as well as too low." These restomods here are just shots straight up into the sky. Heck, half of them don't even have wipers!
Intermediate Driver

Wow ... Must be that nobody makes a 15 inch wheel anymore ...
Advanced Driver

I find they all look like they were modified by the same person.
Intermediate Driver

You know none of these cars will be parked at the Mall. Unless you are so rich you don't care about the damage everyday cars get on the road. Having a Corvette back when I could afford a nice driver the thrill was not creature comforts like AC ,power windows or a quiet ride like modern cars. It was solid lifters , loud and rattling body work and just plain cool. I am just glad that my second car was a 69 Camaro that I was able to hold onto for 50 years and now am restoring it for the final time . So I will spend some money today on my $1500 car and have fun without busting the bank. It will be loud too.

NONE! I am not particularly interested in Resto-mods. I guess I am a purist or traditionalist. And while it took a lot of $ to build those cars, most where WAY overpriced. If I where to get a C2 I would want a restored 63 Split window. And while I like the 63-67 Sting Rays, they are NOT my favorite Vette, my favorite is a 73 coupe, I like the new front end and the chrome bumper on the back (74 and newer C3s are AWFUL in the rear)! And, yes I have a 73 in my collection. A Dark Blue LT82 4 speed coupe. Certainly not the fastest Vette, but the nicest!!!
But that being said, each to their own!!!

Intermediate Driver

I just love the fact that they are all C2 vintage.
Advanced Driver

It's like anything else in our world, each to his own. Not for me. I would worry about the long term reliability of a car like that. Of course, most would be garage queens, as are most Corvettes, regardless of make or model. My Z07 stays bone stock, no matter how boring. I drive it. I have any number of options for repair that all have access to the same knowledge base. With a restomod that would frequently restrict one to the shop that built it. Then you must hope that the tech that put it together is still there.
Pit Crew

Nice mechanical upgrades and interior clean-ups. Mega-bucks? I don't think so.
one of the great things about Vetts, Mustangs and most American cars is their ability to be modernized mechanically with aplomb. This makes living with our beloveds a long and lasting affair.
Otherwise why mess up a beautiful design?

Some nice cars. The oversized wheels are off-putting. None-the-less, I'd drive any of them.