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Hagerty Employee

12 state governors urge President to halt sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles | Hagerty Media

One day after Washington State passed a bill to halt the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles starting in 2030, the state's governor was one of 12 U.S. governors who signed a letter urging Joe Biden to end the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 as part of the President's proposed $2 trillion infrastructure package.
Pit Crew

Well, it looks like it's time to straight-pipe my '99 Suburban to teach some people a lesson about freedom.

When will someone explain to them that the laws of physics and chemistry are not subject to legislation or executive whim?

Unless those governors are going to endorse the construction of more nuclear powerplants, the electricity to power those electric vehicles is going to come from fossil fuels.

Yeah, kinda cart-before-horse thinking, seems to me.  Until ZEP (zero-emission-powerplants) are built, trying to enforce ZEVs is not going to help anything.  And get that done in the next 14 years?  Hah - not a chance.


Introducing the new United States Socialist Republic or USSR. We are fast becoming the country that foreigners used to run from.

I hope the voters in those states (or at least more than 50% of them0 are paying attention. Those Governors should be run out of town on a rail!
Intermediate Driver

We'll all be happier when we drink the Kool-aid and accept the new "Government is God" American ideal.
Intermediate Driver

It's just a political statement, and a ridiculous one. It will hurt the poor the most as e cars are more expensive, we can't produce enough electricity, and unless we switch to nuke the additional power plants will pollute more. I realize I am preaching to the choir here but I needed to join the rant. If they had any sense they could focus on e switchover of busses, garage trucks, govt. Fleet etc..and it would help the environment and allow a smooth, slow changeover. This is all just for elitists talking pointa.

Just grand standing at this point. 

Automakers have resolved their issues and are going to make the move to EV on their own. They are not out to save the planet but there will be a very large profit motive as EV will be cheaper to build and more profitable as we move forward. 

ICE development cost are only going to get higher and Electric will get cheaper. 

Our next battle will be to protect our vintage cars from being banned, limited or restricted. 


Comrade Government wants ICE eliminated. They won't have to ban our vintage cars cause they'll ban gasoline first. The petroleum giants that built industrial America wiped out because of government manufactured fear. Then down goes the vintage automobile industry. What'll we do with our vintage Detroit Iron then? Rubbed out by attrition.

I'm not surprised that Governor Nonsense was one of them. (I wonder what he drives.)
Pit Crew

When he was mayor of San Francisco, he had a Chevy Tahoe hybrid. It was criticized for being environmentally worse than some of the city's buses.

legislation (& court president) are one way. They are idle w/o the follow up. Conditions apply the force, not laws. They just come into reen"force". Governors R telling the Fed "Let's get goin on what we need" infrastructure, manufacturers - "Let's compete on the world wide stage not fall behind". Conditions now are requiring it. My 50+ y/o bronk'n I will be 4WD parting the nxt 30 yrs, just like the last 40. I just wanna C usa compete, make a EV I can DD.
Intermediate Driver

Bunch of commies