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Hagerty Employee

12 barns full of classic cars hidden in rural England | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 88


He was hesitant. When you own 170 vehicles and they’re stashed bumper to bumper in a secret location that folks in the U.K. might recognize, you’re not exactly thrilled to hear that Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter has flown 3500 miles to reveal them to the world.


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New Driver

Love the tour.  Minor correction.  Vauxhall were indeed sold in the U.S.   The Vauxhall Victor was sold at Pontiac dealers from 1958 to 1962.   There was one in the small West Tennessee town where I grew up in the early 60s.

Community Manager

You are right!  The first vehicle my father bought when he immigrated to Canada was a Vauxhall Victor!