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Hagerty Employee

11 vintage Christmas car ads guaranteed to make your day merry

During the holidays, some of our fondest experiences with friends and family involve the cars of our past and present. Maybe that includes belting out your favorite carols over the radio, drifting through snow in empty school parking lots, hauling home the too-tall family Christmas tree, or surviving a death-defying trek to the in-laws' house.

These ads have something many modern ads don't. Today the ads happen and you often wonder what the heck was that ad for? Every one of these is clear on what the ad is about, a car or the want for a particular one. The best of these is the Hertz one just for the idea of Santa dropping down into the Corvette Convertible without a worry in the world. Today that ad might have to have a warning saying "Do not attempt this at home" for some silly reason.
Intermediate Driver

Plymouth school speeches. I had Mopars on my mind in school too.