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11 Hollywood heroes who felt the need for speed

He’s played X-Men’s Magneto and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but Michael Fassbender’s toughest role yet was behind the wheel of a Mk2 Ford Escort on the Rally of the Lakes in Ireland. Fassbender—or “Fastbender,” as it says on his race suit—is a tidy driver on the track, and he’s got a win in the 2018 Ferrari Challenge North America and a season of Porsche Super Sports Cup to prove it. Rallying, however, would prove to be a very different and steep learning curve for the Irish-German actor.


Watch Fassbender in action on the Vero channel, and then check out ten other Hollywood heroes who have felt the need for speed below.


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In the 90s I sometimes shared trailer and pit space at Willow Springs with Marsha Mason. She was really impressive on the SCCA GT3 circuit and if I recall correctly raced for 6 or 7 years, in an competitive RX7.  Golden Globe awards, Oscar nominations, and some checkered flags! I think she qualifies.