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10 (technically 14) of our favorite concept cars

For our latest Hagerty Drivers Club livestream, our own Brad Phillips was joined by Alain Squindo, RM Sotheby’s COO. The topic this time was concept cars—the gorgeous, often outlandish styling exercises that give customers a hint at the future styling direction of their favorite automotive brands. As Alain explains, concept cars “are critically important because they’re either the genesis of something very cool, or a flashback to something that was very cool long ago.”


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Community Manager

Thanks for doing this - very cool to learn about some of these concept cars!


My all-time favorite concept car is the 1970 Mercedes-Benz C-111 Mark II. I first saw it in car magazines in late '72, when everyone in the auto industry was all excited about the Wankel rotary engine. The C-111 Mark II was powered by a four-rotor Wankel that gave it a top speed of 180-186 MPH. It could go from zero to 60 in just 4.8 seconds - and that was just in first gear! The C-111 Mk II was my dream car back when I was in junior high school.


Man! That '03 Caddy is a sight to behold!!!

They could put that baby on the market today and it would sell like hot cakes!

If they are worried about that big gas slurping V16, perhaps they could do an electric version!

As big as it is, it could probably carry enough Lithium Ion batteries to give Teslas a run for their money!

Then put in a HUGE electric motor and it'll be a drag racer!!!

As Julie says below, thanks for a great list! For once it wasn't click bait!


Also, I thought that a few of those Tomahawks were sold to certain people, like Jay Leno (Of Course!!! Who else?!?)

New Driver

No Ford products