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Hagerty Employee

10 of the most extreme Dakar rally cars, bikes ... and trucks

On the second day of 2022, one of the world's most legendary rallies kicks off for two weeks of hard driving, fast living, and fierce competition. The Dakar rally, formerly the Paris-Dakar, sees the field compete for glory in Saudi Arabia.
Intermediate Driver

130 degree incline as in past 90 degrees as in upside down? Now that is impressive!
New Driver

It said 130 percent but their math is still not quite right. 100 percent is 45 degrees. Infinity is 90 degrees. Google it.
New Driver

The slope expressed as a percentage can similarly be determined from the tangent of the angle:

Rolls-Royce Corniche rally car, that made me laugh. Porsche 959 is my favorite. The Mitsubishi Pajero's were amazing. Too bad we never got the turbo models here in the USA.

I believe this paragraph should be with the Kamaz, not the Bobcat:

"It’s limited to 87 mph, but the team behind the beast says that were there no fitment of a speed limiter, as per the rule book, it would be capable of far more. Not that we’d like to see almost ten tons bearing down on us at that sort of speed …"

And who wouldn't enjoy lofting a two story building across the desert at 87mph?
Pit Crew

I just wonder if the chip wagon ran on fryer oil.
New Driver

Sad to see Lancia didn't make your grade, while there might not be a 2021-2022 model around just yet. There are a bunch of ass-kicking early models... needless to say we're looking forward to 2024 and the return of Lancia
Advanced Driver

I believe the Extreme Electric article said 130% grade or 52.5 degrees. Surely someone can easily check that?