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10 of our favorite cars from the 2000s

Hagerty's Tiger-swap meister Brad Phillips and auction guru Andrew Newton didn't pick their favorite 2000s-era cars based on speed ... but hey, who's complaining? In a recent livestream, two of our resident automotive experts spent an hour discussing the strengths and weaknesses of their favorite five cars from this decade. Many of vehicles Phillips and Newton choose are, as they noted, transitioning from "used car" status and carving out a space for themselves in the collector car world. That's the fun thing about this list; you likely saw a few of these cars in a parking lot or highway this week and have some strong opinions of your own about their collector-car eligibility (or ineligibility).


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I must say, I'm quite surprised that the Shelby GT500 didn't make your list. They are much better than a Neon and way more affordable than a FORD GT!

Intermediate Driver

At least there was one that I could afford.Maybe two if I were a BMW fan.


I agree with most picks.   I'm biased about the Z06.  Wish i never sold my 2007 😤


Once again a great car from the 2000's goes unnoticed and neglected. The 2002 to 2005 Ford Thunderbird is a vehicle that was even downplayed by Ford throughout it's manufactured life. It is a fun throwback to the 50's 2 seat roadster. Available in both convertible and hardtop version. Or in many cases both convertible top and hardtop. Comfortable, reasonably good handling and V8 power allows for open air cruising or coupe with air conditioning. The aftermarket support is almost non existent, maybe that is why it didn't make the list. The only real complaint I have is that Ford put the battery in the trunk and didn't provide an external lock to access it if it went dead. A computer controlled electrical system that is not driven regularly can create a dead battery and no way to open the trunk. I found that accessing the fuse box under the hood and connecting a battery charger there will allow the unlock button for the trunk to operate. Values for these cars has remained stagnant, but who knows what the future will bring. i know that my 2005 Fiftieth Anniversary version always brings a smile to my face whenever I drive it. I have a Supercharged 1930 Ford roadster and 1967 Mustangs (2), a 1969 Cougar XR7, a Supercharged 1947 Ford Coupe, a 2013 Mazda MX5 Grand Touring and a 1940 Ford Tudor Streetrod and yet the Thunderbird is still my favorite. 

New Driver

One of my favorite cars from the 2000s is the 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbirds. There are some more affordable cars than the ones you picked.


choice of colors on point Hagerty! Maybe I would have chosen the 996 Turbo in Yellow or Red, but otherwise all others are on point!


I agree on the list and in fact own both an X50 996 Turbo and a Lotus Elise SC. Both are among the best cars of the era. However I think the S197 Mustang was a obvious choice. So many solid editions off that platform and so much car for so little money.

A great contender in the value category is my 06 Audi S4 Cabrio w a 4.2 V8.  Comfortable with all wheel drive as a winter back-up... great handling and quick for top-down summer driving. 


Love them all! What a nice selection!